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Most Scotch malt whisky distilleries, because of the design of the stills, produce only one type of spirit.

Our distillery employs four unusual stills with rectifying heads and two conventional pot stills with traditional ‘swan necks’.

The image below shows examples of each of these.

This range of stills allows us to produce a total of eight different single highland malt whiskies.


How do we do this ...?

malt whisky pot stillsOne of the factors that has a great influence on the character of the spirit produced is the physical length of the neck of the stills. The longer the neck - the lighter (or cleaner) the spirit, the shorter the neck - the more full-bodied (or fatter) the spirit.

By using the rectifying heads in a number of different ways, we can replicate the effect of different lengths of ‘neck’ without physically altering them.

However, this particular design of still does not produce the full range of spirit that we require, which is why we also have the two traditionally designed stills as well.

We produce a full range of malts from heavily peated (typical of Islay), to complex fruity (typical of Speyside), to full bodied fruity (typical of Highland), and also soft and fruity (typical of Lowland). This makes us less reliant on the availability of malt whisky from other Scotch distilleries.


Tin Tin's favourite Scotch Whisky

For those Tintin fans amongst you, yes! Loch Lomond Scotch was Captain Haddock's favoured Scotch Malt Whisky.

Loch Lomond Single Blend Scotch Whisky

An example of how we can use only our own production (for both single malt whisky and grain whisky) is LOCH LOMOND SINGLE BLEND SCOTCH WHISKY.

This unique product is made using only our own single grain and malts, thus allowing us to use the word SINGLE. Whilst the malt content of the blend comprises of only a selection of eight different malts, we believe that the blend is sufficiently complex and balanced.


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