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History of Loch Lomond Scotch Whisky


Dewar and Bulloch Scotch Whisky being transported by horse and cart
Horses and Carts laden with whisky outside the old Dewar and Bulloch Premises

Original Scotch Whisky sign, Dewar and Bulloch, Glasgow
The J.H. Dewar's Whisky sign on the wall above


Our Company Chairman is Alexander (Sandy) Bulloch.

The Bulloch family can trace its interest in the Scotch Whisky trade back to 1842 when Gabriel Bulloch partnered J H Dewar in a Scotch wholesaling business in Glasgow.

Whisky BarrelThe family’s involvement in the whisky business continued until the late 1940’s when, due to the untimely early death of their father, Sandy and his sister Irene were required to join their mother to help with the operation of the single shop that the family owned in Glasgow. They used to (as was the practice then) buy barrels of Scotch whisky, brandy & rum and bottle it in their shop cellar. Shortly thereafter Sandy bought his first ‘fillings’ (new or immature whisky) and that’s where our story really started.

The Bulloch family built up a substantial chain of retail outlets in Scotland (A. Bulloch & Co). In order to supply these, a wholesale company was acquired (Wm. Morton Ltd), and although its primary function was to supply A. Bulloch & Co, its business gradually grew and it is now one of the largest independent wholesalers of wines, spirits and beers in Scotland.

finest scotch malt whisky barrelsA. Bulloch & Co. continued to sell their own label whisky, gin and vodka, which became an increasingly important sector. Subsequently it became prudent to set up our own bottling plant (Glen Catrine Bonded Warehouse Company Ltd.), which again (although its primary function was to supply the retail outlets) has grown into one of the largest independent bottlers of spirits in Scotland.

By 1985, we were a significant independent force within the whisky trade, but we were finding it increasingly difficult to obtain the stocks of Scotch whisky that were required in order to ensure the continued growth of Glen Catrine. In an attempt to help this situation, in 1985 we purchased a malt distillery, Loch Lomond Distillery Co. Ltd. Although this helped, in the following years we were faced with the difficulty of securing an adequate supply of Grain whisky. So, in 1993 it was decided to add a set of grain stills to the distillery.

There were eventually more than 25 shops throughout Scotland, but these have now all been sold and we concentrate on our strengths - producing, bottling and distributing alcohol, (principally Scotch whisky).

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